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Most supply chain management models have been built to respond to data - what happened in the past. But in today’s dynamic environment a more predictive approach is needed, one that gives supply chains the ability to sense and respond to business changes as they happen. Advanced supply chain analytics survey in order to introduce a proactive management model, equipping supply chain professionals with the ability to continually sense and respond as business changes around them.

People create their own digital twin - Gartner makes these and other predictions in his Hype Cycle 2020. Read about the technologies that will change society and the economy.

The digital company in five steps: Which stages and processes will be gone through and what this means for your own digitalization strategy.

Scientists calculate that the top 200 meters of ocean alone contains up to 21 million metric tons of plastic. And that wasn't even counting microfibers

Pilot projects for autonomous shuttles abound. But technical limitations and hostility from labor unions may thwart large deployments.

Once known as the pharmacy to the world, Germany now has its work cut out to supply enough medicines to its own citizens.

The more scientists learn about how we age, the more likely they are to recalibrate the clock. But that poses another question: Should they?

5G will soon become the new technology standard for cellular networks, and the benefits for business in general, and the supply chain specifically, are immense. In this conversation with SupplyChainBrain Editor-in-Chief Bob Bowman, Andrew Stevens, Senior Director Analyst with Gartner, discusses the long-term potential for 5G to foster new levels of efficiency and collaboration.

Organizations need to transition from opportunistic and tactical AI decision-making to a more strategic orientation.

Bathrooms are getting smarter, smelling nicer, making you sweat, cooling you down, and, of course, still graciously accepting your waste.

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